20/11/2019: RICAIP Partnering The Prestigious NEXT100 Symposium: The Most Innovative And Impactful Leaders of Today

For the second time, Prague will host the NEXT100 Symposium, the conference of the Global Arena Research Institute (GARI) bringing together the realms of technology, society, politics, economy, environment, and more. ​ The NEXT100 addresses how the social and computational sciences can come together to face our future’s greatest global and political challenges. Within this context, the RICAIP Project will be introduced to the audience by Prof. Vladimír Mařík, Scientific Director of CIIRC CTU.

Recognising the vast potential for collaboration between the technical and social sciences, The Next 100 Symposium aims to provide a platform for transformative dialogue between those working with society’s most cutting-edge technology and those working in social scientific fields. In regard to the 30 years of the democratic transitions in Europe, NEXT100 aims to address recent challenges: How shall we revive the future-oriented spirit that framed the exciting weeks and months of 1989-90, knowing the current concerns of sustainability, environment, globalisation, societal changes, digital and technological transformations? How do we connect with and curate the future with innovation, and how do we integrate and utilize new opportunities? Creating a digital ontology of globalisation provides a working dialogue about how to translate crisis-driven language into future-oriented ideas on a global scale and a vision of the next one hundred years.