Research and Innovation Centre on Advanced Industrial Production

RICAIP is based on strategic partnership of leading Czech and German research institutions. It is a newly established international distributed research centre of excellence. With maximum degree of autonomy, hosted as a new unit at CIIRC CTU. All this is possible with the direct participation of all the partners. RICAIP focuses on research areas related to Industry 4.0. It will strengthen research in industrial production with the results of artificial intelligence research. The centre will connect testbeds in Prague, Brno and Saarbruecken. It will also enable remote industrial production control or rapid adaptation according to the customer’s current needs or available means of production.


The framework for cooperation was set up in 2016 under the auspices of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In 2019 the European Commission and the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports decided to support the establishing of the centre. Total amount of funding was almost 50 million euros. This was thanks to success of project in H2020 Teaming Phase 2 and ESIF OP RDE.

Research and Innovation Centre on Advanced Industrial Production aims to build a distributed research and experimental workplace RICAIP Industrial Testbed Core. The first testbed core of its kind in Europe to develop and test innovative solutions. These solutions can be used for advanced and fully integrated industrial production, continually optimizing to the changing environment.

RICAIP EU Testbed Core aims to become a major contributor to the international standardization efforts and cybersecurity of the Industry 4.0 initiative. Its goal is to facilitate technology and knowledge transfer from academia to industry. All this through the deployment and development of technical solutions tested and validated in the relevant industrial environment.


The very first distributed EU Testbed Core Facility will be established and managed by open access principles.

Experimental facility for verification of Industry 4.0 practices before their introduction into real industrial production.

New environment to boost industrial value chains and eco systems of academia, large companies and SMEs.

Grounds for the future EU R&D Infrastructure of the advanced industrial production.


Research collaborative teams that are working together as well as identifying innovation gaps.

Distributed and application-oriented testbed – allowing research on various aspects of real-life production and supply chains

Research expertise and specialized know-how in system integration and customer driven flexible production system development

Ecosystem oriented on automotive and aircraft industry, their parts and machine suppliers, service providers and integrators

Unique industrial platform based on Production as a Service (PaaS)

State-of-the-art testbed facilities – open access EU infrastructure

Nurturing of human resources – tenure track policy

Making connections with new networks of contacts