Industrial Testbed Core

RICAIP focuses on research areas related to Industry 4.0, in particular robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) for advanced industrial production. In order for the concept of distributed production to be simulated and practically verified, RICAIP creates a basic functional infrastructure in the form of the RICAIP Industrial Testbed Core. 

Testbed serves to

Verify new Industry 4.0 solutions before their implementation into real industrial production.
Develop new partnerships between academia and industry.
Inspire researchers and companies to adopt the ideas of Industry 4.0.
Industrial Testbed
Demonstrate the product lifecycle from the first ideas over production to the product’s active life.

Promote the concept of Industry 4.0 to companies and public, including educational activities.

Industrial Testbed
Transfer Industry 4.0 into industry.

Open the equipment to different user groups (students, researchers, representatives of SMEs, …)

Support companies on their way towards industry 4.0 and digitization.
The backbone of this infrastructure consists of the Industrial Testbed for Industry 4.0 at CIIRC CTU in Prague, the testbed at the CEITEC BUT institute in Brno, and the joint testbed of DFKI and ZeMA in Saarbrücken.