Industry 4.0 Showroom

Fast information sharing and intensive interactions are crucial for further processing of research and development. The Industry 4.0 Showroom shall give a floor for open discussion how advanced industrial production in line with the Industry 4.0 principles can impact equal opportunities, labour market and environmental principles of sustainable development.

The aim is to create a place (virtual or physical) for visual and interactive presentation of the RICAIP Centre, its outputs and infrastructure, both to the public and industrial partners. All of this with respect to gender, diversity, equal opportunities, environmental issue, and different social groups.

Showroom is a place that provides experience and leaves impression. You can perceive dimensions, materials, environment, you can feel, touch, test how the things work, you can be guided and get tailor-made recommendations, explanations and even real-time help. Regardless if virtually or on site.

Main purposes of the RICAIP Showroom

Industry 4.0 popularisation among a wide range of target audiences
Open discussion on the Industry 4.0 impacts on society (gender, diversity etc.)
Presentation of RICAIP, its partners, goals, vision, and outcomes
Presentation of the infrastructure – RICAIP Industrial Testbed Core

Demonstrating new concept of advanced manufacturing in near-real environment

Education and training according to the Industry 4.0 principles

Point for knowledge sharing, networking, as well as for open discussion

Dissemination of testbeds’ performance and research outcomes

Testbed & Showroom

The Industry 4.0 Showroom is inseparably – both with regard to content and physical layout – linked to the Testbed for Industry 4.0 as a basic research infrastructure. The Showroom is contributing to the Testbed with a new value and dimension in terms of education, information, networking as well as interactivity and emotions.

Showroom is a space to display the outcomes, where people are encouraged to explore and interact with them.

In terms of showroom, the Testbed

  • provides technical background and support for scientists, researchers, students;
  • supports education and public interest in technical fields;
  • popularizes science;
  • holds Industry 4.0 public events (open day, Researchers’ Night, …)