The aim of the RICAIP project is to develop a strong cooperation at international level evolving the concept of Industry 4.0. RICAIP will virtually connect the testbed facilities in the Czech Republic (Prague, Brno) and Germany (Saarbr├╝cken) and integrate them into a new Czech-German research infrastructure in advanced distributed industrial production.

The intention is to develop RICAIP as the European research infrastructure, the first of its kind in Europe. The RICAIP Centre will become an international hub for Industry 4.0, esp. for multi-site industrial production and multi-site production system development, and change the industrial research in a more interdisciplinary way, bringing excellence and new solutions to the sector.

The idea of a geographically distributed, but virtually integrated experimental testbed with an open access policy will help to integrate research activities in the subject field internationally and help to leverage the huge investments by a wider SME community. This will also be a strong driving force for standardization efforts. RICAIP will set the grounds for intensive cooperation between industry and academia.