RICAIP is about multi-site industrial production and multi-site production system development, evolving the paradigm of industrial production. The very first geographically distributed physical testbed of this kind will be developed, built, and integrated so that new challenges of multi-site industrial production might be solved for the first time using real, geographically distributed physical equipment.

The idea of a distributed, but virtually integrated experimental testbed with an open access policy will help to integrate research activities in the subject field internationally and help to leverage the huge investments by a wider SME community. This will also be a strong driving force for standardization efforts.


The RICAIP Centre mission

To contribute to the enhancement of the European manufacturing potential by creating unique open access research capabilities of a multinational/European dimension, providing complex support to the community of SMEs in the field of distributed manufacturing concepts, especially in development, verification, and testing of intelligent manufacturing solutions using a geographically distributed experimental testbed facilities.


The RICAIP Centre vison

The vision of the RICAIP Centre goes beyond the concept of advanced one-site infrastructure where smart and automatized processes are performed.
The project vision is much wider as it is based on development of global manufacturing solutions in geographically distributed (including human operators) manufacturing plants. The new global networks will therefore arise not only based on digitalization or automatization processes, but also on the interconnection of multi-site production facilities into one organically integrated Cyber-Physical System, moreover into Socio-Cyber-Physical Systems, as the impact of Industry 4.0 on the society is even broader than current reference models describe. Advanced industrial production and Industry 4.0 will come even closer to its literal meaning as the concept describing the 4th industrial revolution of the mankind.


Research Topics