Activities of RICAIP

August 2018RICAIP Steering Commitee Meeting in PraguePrague,
During the final meeting of the Steering Committee, the final version of the Business Plan will be approved. SC will also discuss further steps towards reaching the national roadmaps for research infrastructures.
June 2018RICAIP Open DaysPrague,
Event dedicated to the industry and collaboration with innovative companies - in cooperation with the TTOs - to increase the innovation potencial of the RICAIP project.
Industry conference on production processes and technologies. New technologies as well as I4.0 such as big data, human-robot-collaboration will be presented and be discussed. Besides the presentations and networking the conference offers a small trade fair.
RICAIP with demonstrator at the trade fair side of the conference will be presented.
Spring 2018 (tbc)Czech – German R&D ConferenceBrno,
Conference hosted by CEITEC and organized with the support of BMBF will consist of 3 panels. Panel “Digitization towards Mobility 4.0 and Industry 4.0” will be aimed at intelligent systems for control, monitoring and diagnostics of complex systems with cross-domain applications in production technologies (Industry 4.0) and green/automated vehicles (Mobility 4.0, automotive and aerospace technologies). Presentation about RICAIP by Prof. Vaclavek.
07/03/2018RICAIP Steering Commitee MeetingBrno,
The RICAIP Steering Committee will meet in order to access the progress in the Business Plan preparation and check the implementation of their strategical decissions.
30-31/01/2018EGVI – Electric, connected and automated driving for the 2030 customerMallorca,
As a cornerstone of EU light-house initiative Mobility.E, AutoDrive project gathers experts from the industry and research providers. Presentation about RICAIP given by CEITEC BUT and discussion of possible synergies between automotive and production technologies.
January 2018INDUSTRY CLUSTER 4.0Brno,
INDUSTRY CLUSTER 4.0 is an important association of engineering and IT companies from the South Moravian Region, united to enhance their competitiveness and innovative activities, in particular through the implementation of the „Industry 4.0“ concept.
Presentation on the RICAIP Project and discussion.
28/11/2017CEITEC Christmas Workshop at PlanetariumBrno,
Traditional workshop at Brno Observatory and Planetarium – Presentation on the RICAIP Project and discussion.
11-13/10/2017Strategy RICAIP Workshop – incl. RICAIP Steering Committee MeetingSaarbrücken,
The workshop was also endorsed by the Saarland Government represented at the opening meeting by the Ministry of Economy.
12/10/20173rd Czech-German Workshop: Human and Robot Cooperation for Industry 4.0Saarbrücken,
Theme: Integration of research and production in Industry 4.0, specific human-robot collaboration scenarios and their integration into production processes
The workshop was held under the support of the German Federal Minister for Education and Research directly. Ms. Prof. Johanna Wanka, addressing the workshop through the following video.
09-13/10/2017MSV Brno 2017 - International Engineering Fair
Leading industrial trade fair in Central Europe with annual participation reaching more than 1500 exhibitors and 75000 visitors from 59 countries worldwide.
RICAIP Leaflets on display at stands, personal meetings and interviews with selected industrial companies.
02/10/2017Visit of two Czech ministers in CIIRCPrague,
Minister of Foreign Affairs, L. Zaorálek, and Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, S. Štěch, visited CIIRC and discussed the changes in the industrial production and production line planning in Testbed facility.
26/10/2017Presentation at the Czech Embassy in BerlinBerlin,
Presentation of South Moravian Region on the occasion of the Czech National Holiday on October 28th. 600 – 700 visitors. Presentation about CEITEC and RICAIP, roll-up, leaflets.
06/09/2017Researchers’ NightPrague,
This year Researchers‘ Night was devoted to the topic „Mobility“. The premises of research and academic institutions across the country were open to public.
Among others, CIIRC presented the Testbed for Industry 4.0 facility with a robotic prodction line, the use of the virtual reality for testing the production systems and introduced the main features of the Industry 4.0.
800 visitors (out of 3 500 visitors to all CTU’s faculties).
06/09/2017Researchers’ NightBrno,
CEITEC BUT Brno organized visits to clean laboratories, a demonstration of the engine in motion in the Laboratory of Control of Electrical Drived and Power Systems, Laboratory of Smart Sensors and unique robotic systems in Laboratory of Telepresence and Robotics.
470 visitors.
04/09/2017Mid-Day Ceremony at CIIRC
RICAIP Kick-Off Meeting – incl. RICAIP Steering Commitee Meeting
The publicly announced start of the RICAIP project, official launch of the National Centre of Industry 4.0, opening Ceremony of 1st stage of the Testbed for Industry 4.0
Almost 200 representatives of industry, academia, media and public administration, both Czech and German.