Testbed is a new research and experimental core facility serving for research, development, and testing of innovative solutions and for the demonstration of innovative production systems in smart factories.

Testbed also serves to:
• promote the concept of Industry 4.0 among companies and public, including educational activities;
• open the equipment to different user groups (students, researchers, representatives of SMEs, …);
• inspire researchers and companies to adopt the ideas of Industry 4.0;
• demonstrate the product lifecycle from the first ideas over production to the product’s active life;
• verify new Industry 4.0 solutions before their implementation into real industrial production;
• develop new partnerships between academia and industry;
• transfer Industry 4.0 into industry and support companies on their way towards industry 4.0 and digitization

Testbed facility enables testing of new solutions for automated and digital production in smart factories according to the principles of Industry 4.0. It enables to check the compatibility, functionality, and effectivity; to simulate and optimize production and relevant business processes.

The RICAIP centre will be physically based on existing and to be extended tested facilities at the Czech partner organisations CIIRC-CVUT (Prague) and BUT-CEITEC (Brno),

complemented by a corresponding site jointly operated by the German partners DFKI and ZeMA (Saarbrücken).


Testbed in Saarbrücken (DFKI)                   Testbed in Saarbrücken (ZeMA)                  Testbed in Prague                   Testbed in Brno