Vision & Mission


Our vision is to establish RICAIP as a key entity in major European research infrastructures for artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and computer science for advanced industry and production. We thrive to create a network of partners with an outstanding international team of scholars and an international impact as well as to provide an excellent scientific and experimental infrastructure throughout Europe for our researchers and partners. We want RICAIP to be one of the outstanding research centres for innovation and technology transfer in Europe.


World-class research network for application-oriented research in the advanced production area. Our mission is to create a collaborative ecosystem for academia, the industry as well as national and regional authorities to produce valuable high-impact and application-oriented research results for producing and manufacturing companies. By creating and leveraging this ecosystem, we make a significant contribution to the fundamental and applied research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer science and robotics across Europe. With our partners, we establish a unique R&D infrastructure across Europe and contribute with innovative solutions to the competitiveness of Europe, European companies and our industrial partners. Our network itself offers unique possibilities for the training and education of students, research professionals and industrial employees. We promote interdisciplinary research and collaboration with non-technical disciplines to address current needs and demands of society.