Testbed Prague

Testbed Prague

The testbed for Industry 4.0 lays on two floors of the CIIRC CTU building in Dejvice, Prague. It is an integral part of the RICAIP centre. It was established several years earlier. On the ground floor, there is a laboratory focused on automatic assembly, planning and virtualization of production. In the basement, there is a part focused on production machines and technologies. It is where a joint research of CIIRC CTU and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering CTU (FS CTU) takes place. The entire Testbed is used for research, development, teaching and collaboration with industrial partners. It allows testing innovative solutions for advanced and fully integrated industrial production and processes for intelligent factories. The basic infrastructure of Testbed is involved in several international research projects. Most of it in the field of Industry 4.0. Also, in connection with the teaching facilities of the Czech Technical University, it creates unique conditions for further education.

The purpose of the Testbed is to provide a platform for experiments and validation of research results related to aspects of Industry 4.0. It can also be used to create scenarios that demonstrate areas such as optimization and production planning. Other areas are semantic description of production operations, linking product design with production for transition to self-organizing, communication in mixed-critical networks based on industrial Ethernet. It also allows optimization of energy efficiency of production (robotic) systems, diagnostics and predictive maintenance, data mining within the product life cycle and more.

The two parts of the Testbed – the part for robotics and flexible production and the part for robotics and production technology, will be interconnected at the level of production coordination, data collection and sharing, etc. That will allow creating additional scenarios corresponding to production and for assembly as well as a scenario combining automatic and manual production operations.

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