The first cryogenic liquid CO2 cooling trial in Testbed for Industry 4.0

Our joint team of IPA CIIRC and RCMT FME led by Petr Kolar did the first cryogenic liquid CO2 cooling trial in our laboratory that is part of Testbed for Industry 4.0 at CTU in Prague. The colleagues from TU Ljubljana (prof. Franci Pušavec and his team) supported the test.

They developed a unique single-channel system with LCO2 and oil MQL mixture in front of the spindle rotary union. Development partners from TAJMAC-ZPS company (technical director Mr Martin Machálka and his team) were also presented in the laboratory.

Cryogenic cooling test

Their H630 machine tool is currently only one machine tool type with serial integration of this cooling system. Honour guest in the laboratory was prof. Pedro Arrazola from Mondragon University. The machine and also related safety system of the laboratory atmosphere was purchased using RICAIP project funding. We are looking forward to future experiments in difficult-to-cut material machining.

Cryogenic liquid CO2 cooling trial