Testbed Saarbrücken

Testbed Saarbrücken

The testbed area of over 4,000 m² includes two industrial halls and various areas for experimental demonstrators and prototypes for the factory and production of the future. The main focus is Industrie 4.0, digitalization, AI applications in production as well as robotics. The Centre for Innovative Production Technologies (Power4Production), which is jointly operated by ZeMA and DFKI is also located on the ZeMA premises. DFKI’s German-Czech Innovation Laboratory for Human-Robot Collaboration in Industrie 4.0 (MRK4.0 Lab), which was founded in 2016 and funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research, is a part of Power4Production and of the RICAIP testbed. The MRK4.0 Lab hosts more than 25 robots of different kinds.

The research area includes two industrial halls and various areas. The digital factory is aimed for Industry 4.0, digitisation and AI application in production. The research division for sensors and actuators is also located in the halls. Furthermore, another section covers various robotics applications.

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Research Focus

Sensors and actuators

  • Deployment of intelligent materials to develop and innovate new products and applications

Automotive production

  • Development of new production and commission technologies for the next generation of cars

Robotics applications

  • Research in the area of human-robot-collaboration, sensitive robotics as well as AI applications for robotic applications

Industrie 4.0 and

  • Research and development of solutions for a digitized and human-centred and reconfigurable production

Technology transfer

  • Transfer of latest research results to producing companies especially in the field of Industrie 4.0, digitalization, assistance systems and AI

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