Industrial Testbed Core

Research Focus

  • Data lifecycle
    IoT and data analytics in data mining, data warehousing, big data. Edge computing, privacy and data sovereignty.
  • Manufacturing processes and technologies
    Additive manufacturing, process and machine diagnostics, process and manufacturing optimization.
  • Digital twin and digital shadow
    Matching physical systems and simulations, virtual commissioning of manufacturing and processes, dynamic machine models. Predictive maintenance.
  • Smart factory and distributed manufacturing
    Automated production planning, material flow planning, modular and flexible manufacturing, logistics operations.
    Manufacturing as a service.
  • Advanced energy systems
    Optimization of production processes with the interconnection of available energy sources. Power distribution systems with the integration of different green energy sources.
  • Flexible production systems
    Additive and subtractive technologies, robotics, mobile manipulators, UGV, UAV.
  • Human-machine-robot collaboration
    AR/VR technology, precision localization and navigation in industrial environments. Remote inspection, visual telepresence.
  • Machines and mechatronic systems
    Algorithms and sensors for diagnostics and predictive maintenance, vibrodiagnostics, acoustic holography, acoustic emission. Advanced automation and artificial intelligence applications.
  • Advanced actuators
    Advanced actuators (rotary and linear) for industry, actuators for electromobility, reliable “fail-operational” actuators, advanced actuator control, diagnostics, monitoring.
    Sensor networks and IoT, edge-computing, HPC.
  • Industry 4.0 and digitalisation
    Research and development of
    solutions for a digitised and
    human-centred and reconfigurable production.
  • Robotics applications
    Research in the area of human-robot-collaboration, Human-Robot Interaction and sensitive robotics.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Research and development in the area of multimodal dialogue systems, transfer learning, planning and neural symbolic imitation learning.
  • Remote collaboration
    Research and development of
    solutions for remote collaboration between distant production sites.

Industrial Testbed Core


RICAIP focuses on research areas related to Industry 4.0, in particular robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) for advanced industrial production. The aim of the distributed research and experimental workplace – Industrial Testbed Core – is to develop and test innovative solutions for advanced industrial production, continually optimizing to the changing environment. RICAIP EU Testbed Core aims to become a major contributor to the international standardization efforts and cybersecurity of the Industry 4.0 initiative, facilitating technology and knowledge transfer from academia to industry through the deployment and development of technical solutions tested and validated in the relevant industrial environment. The backbone of this infrastructure consists of the Industrial Testbed for Industry 4.0 at CIIRC CTU in Prague, the testbed at the CEITEC BUT institute in Brno, and the joint testbed of DFKI and ZeMA in Saarbrücken. 

Testbed serves to

Verify Industry 4.0 solutions before implementation
Develop new partnerships between academia and industry
Inspire researchers and companies to adopt the ideas of Industry 4.0
Industrial Testbed
Demonstrate the product lifecycle from the first ideas to production
Promote Industry 4.0 to companies and public
Industrial Testbed
Transfer Industry 4.0 into industry
Open the equipment to different user groups
Support companies on their way towards industry 4.0 and digitization.