RICAIP Partners are Involved in Several New EDIHs

All four RICAIP founding partners have been successful with their projects establishing European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) in the Czech Republic and Germany. Already in 2023, EDIHs will provide a variety of digital services to companies and public administration at national levels to become more competitive on their paths to the digital transformation of European economies. Throught the testbeds in Prague, Brno and Saarbrücken, RICAIP network plays an important role as multiplier of access to technological expertise and testing (“test before invest”) as well as innovation services such as training and digital skills development. Thanks to our strong partnerships within RICAIP, these EDIHs’ collaborations on corridor activities will deliver wide range of services on local levels.

A network of more than 300 European Digital Innovation Hubs should cover all European Union regions, targeting each region’s specific digitalisation needs. As one-stop shops, each EDIH will provide services based on a specific focus to support local private and public sectors in their digital and green transformation. The services will be provided on an open, transparent and non-discriminatory basis and will be targeted primarily at SMEs and public sector organisations engaged in non-economic activities.

The EDIHs will support SMEs thanks to financial support from national sources and the Digital Europe Programme, thus contributing to the overall transformation and increased competitiveness of national economies and their success at the European level.


EDIH CTU, Czech Republic

The European Digital Innovation Hub for SMEs and public administration in the field of AI/ML for the industry, health and energy sectors.


EDIH DIGIMAT, Czech Republic

The European Digital Innovation Hub for SMEs concentrates on artificial intelligence, digital transformation, flexible Manufacturing systems and automation in the manufacturing sector.



The European Digital Innovation Hub for SMEs in agriculture, the food industry and the health sector in Weser-Ems Region, Lower Saxony.


EDIH Saarland, Germany

The European Digital Innovation Hub for SMEs and public administration focus on digitalisation, artificial intelligence and future key technologies.