Industry 4.0

Measures of Industry 4.0

The Industry 4.0 national initiative aims for greater synergy between academia, enterprises, manufacturers and users of automation and IT. Due to the high capital costs of implementing Industry 4.0, speed of technological changes and standardisation it is necessary to connect all actors affecting the manufacturing sector. The Initiative promotes investment, standardization and applied research. It deals with issues related to cybersecurity, logistics and normalization. The Industry 4.0 initiative is an example of success based on the integration of diverse approaches and on transparent collaboration between disciplines and sectors both in the physical & cyber world.

Czech & German Cooperation

The Czech Republic is a country with one of the longest industrial traditions. It is our ambition for its future to remain tied to the industry. Industry 4.0 has also become a driving force for the German economy. At the international level, Germany has taken on a leading role. In terms of the strategic management of the effects and impacts of Industry 4.0, Germany is almost five years ahead of the Czech Republic. The possibility to transfer knowledge and good practices from the German environment is a key parameter to success.

Industry 4.0 Initiative

CIIRC CTU has significantly contributed to the Industry 4.0 Initiative since the beginning. Now the Centre is acknowledged as the key academic partner of its successful implementation in the Czech Republic.

The grounds of Czech-German R&D collaboration in the field of Industry 4.0 were set during the state visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the Czech Republic. The direct positive effect was the signature of an MoU on R&D Collaboration in the field of Industry 4.0 between CIIRC CTU Prague and DFKI (core partners of the RICAIP Project consortium) as part of the official top-level state visit of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the Czech Republic on August 25, 2016

Official documents and sources on Industry 4.0

  • Germany: Plattform Industrie 4.0 (under the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and Federal Ministry of Education and Research)
  • Czech Republic: INICIATIVA PRŮMYSL 4.0 – Document in Czech published by the Ministry of Industry and Trade as an amendment of the material approved bych the Czech Governent in 2016
    Available at the Ministry website 02/09/2016:
    At its meeting on 24 August 2016, the Government of the Czech Republic approved the Industry 4.0 Initiative, prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, whose long-term goal is to maintain and strengthen the competitiveness of the Czech Republic at the onset of the so-called fourth industrial revolution.
  • Czech Republic: Národní iniciativa Průmysl 4.0 – a popularisation leaflet on the National Industry 4.0 itiative, published by the MInistry of Industry and Trade in 2015.