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Global Goal Summit

March 21 | 08:30 14:30 UTC+1

RICAIP is delighted to be among partners and supporters of the Global Goals Summit 2024 with, among others, the National Center for Industry 4.0, the 17 Rooms initiative, IPSOS, Aramark, Komerční Banka or Toyota, which will take place in CIIRC CTU premises. Various speakers will present their vision of sustainability, in Czech. Our team member Petr Kadera will also be a speaker within the Part II of the program on Innovation and Technology. More info on the registration fee on the official website below.

Big goals deserve big attention. Especially when it comes to the future of the entire planet. That’s why the Association for Social Responsibility – the largest Sustainable Development Goals initiative from the UN and ESG in the Czech Republic – is organising the second edition of the Global Goals Summit in cooperation with DVTV.

Once again you will see top speakers who have something to say on the topic of sustainability. You will meet inspiring personalities from business, politics, non-profit and public sectors. You will learn about innovative approaches, examples of good practice and the experiences of those who are changing the world for the better and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

To hear and be heard… You already know the first step, but the second step is still lacking? The stronger the voices of those who are serious about sustainability, the more likely they will be heard. Hear our voices. Together.

The Global Goals Summit will take place on 21 March 2024 at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

A place that brings together excellent research teams, young talent and unique know-how to push technological boundaries and build on the best traditions of Czech technical education.

A place where the voices of the young and promising are always heard.

A place where innovation is given space and visions become reality.


9:05-9:20Hear our voices – Panel discussion
Viktorie Seifertová, Ambassador of the Czech Coalition for Biodiversity Conservation
Tomáš Klus, singer, actor and songwriter

Two worlds, two styles of communication, two target groups, one vision – to change the world for the better. Thirteen-year-old Viktorka talks about nature conservation to her peers, Tomáš Klus conveys sustainability in his authentic way to his fans. How can the two worlds intertwine?
9:20-9:35Keynote debate
Vojtech Végh, chef and author of the book Surplus: The food waste guide for chefs
Moderator: DVTV

In 2018, he opened the world’s first zero-waste and vegan restaurant in Cambodia, and after it closed, he began helping other chefs around the world reduce waste. Up to one-third of the food produced each year is thrown away, so how can we prevent food waste at a local, single-establishment level? And what role can a popular restaurant play in educating diners?

Part I – Hear our voices

Hana Kovářová, Executive Director for Brand Strategy and Communication of Komerční Banka Group, Chair of the Commission for Sustainable Finance, Czech Banking Association
Moderator: Daniela Brzobohatá (DVTV)

In 2018, he opened the world’s first zero-waste and vegan restaurant in Cambodia, and after it closed, he began helping other chefs around the world reduce waste. Up to one-third of the food produced each year is thrown away, so how can we prevent food waste at a local, single-establishment level? And what role can a popular restaurant play in educating diners?

Part II – Innovation and Technology

9:50-10:20SDG Talk I
Nataliya Grimberg,
fashion futurist and trend forecaster with a focus on sustainability and technology

Panel debate

Robert Kiml, Vice President of Manufacturing at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic and Vice President of the Automotive Industry Association
Petr Kadera, Head of the Intelligent Systems for Industry Department and Deputy Head of the Intelligent Systems Department at the Czech Technical University in Prague
moderated by Daniela Brzobohatá (DVTV)

Toyota has become a pioneer in the field of hybrid cars, now it wants to develop cars with a positive impact on the environment and use AI to do so. How does the link between the business and academic sectors help car companies? Are students and researchers involved in innovative manufacturing ventures? And what is the opportunity and threat of AI in industry?

Part III – Football and sustainability

10:20-10:50SDG Talk II
Lucia Štefánková
, Director of the TIPSPORT Foundation

As Director of the Tipsport Foundation, Lucie develops projects focused on ecology, sport and sustainability and promotes investment in sport to combat the effects of climate change. And she will also talk about this in her ten minutes – how much is sustainability being neglected in the sports sector? What are the challenges facing football now?

Panel discussion

Tomáš Křivda, CEO of AC Sparta Praha
Rudolf Řepka, Director of FK Teplice
moderated by Lucie Mádlová
FK Teplice – a club active in the field of philanthropy and charitable aid. AC Sparta Praha – a club that uses the power of its brand to educate the general public. So how to connect social responsibility and football in the reality of green pitches and black and white balls? In a personal debate, Lucie Mádlová will ask the most responsible people – the directors of both clubs.

Part IV – Diversity, equality and inclusion

10:50-11:00SDG Talk III
Michal Prager
, founder of the non-profit organization Pestrá and its social enterprise Pestrá cestovka
A dog that is raised and trained in the natural environment of its home has the best training to help its future owner. That’s what Michal Prager and his entire organization, Varied Raising Dogs, believe as they lend a helping paw every day. What is it like to guide assistance dogs from puppyhood? And what do they mean to their owners?
11:00-11:30Coffee Break

Part V – Food waste

11:30-11:45Panel debate
Lukáš Hejlík
, actor, author of the Gastromap project and the stage reading Listening
Vladimír Staněk, CEO of Aramark
moderated by DVTV

Seasonality and locality. Values close to many businesses in Prague, but also in small towns across the Czech Republic. What are the benefits of this approach not only from a planetary perspective, but also from a business perspective? And what are the personal experiences of regions and businesses that often rely solely on their neighbouring suppliers?

Part VI – Diversity, equality and inclusion

11:45-11:55SDG Talks IV
Patrik Lê Giang, professional football goalkeeper and founder of the STEP BY STEP Foundation

Part VII – Diversity, equality and inclusion

Barbara Nesvadbová, writer, journalist and philanthropist, with employee Jarda from the social café Mezi řádky, which she helped co-found years ago

Part VIII – Football and sustainability

Ondřej Tůma, director of the Football Club project, with Blanka Pěničková, assistant coach of the SK Slavia Praha women’s team

Women in football. What are their conditions? How can they compare with male footballers and how can they not? Where does change have to come from? And what should it be? This is what a female footballer who has played three quarter-finals of the Champions League with Slavia, kicked over 40 games for the national team and now helps the national team as an assistant coach will talk about.

Part IX – Diversity, equality and inclusion

12:25-12:40Panel debate
Klára Šimáčková Laurenčíková, Government Commissioner for Human Rights and Deputy Minister for European Affairs
Mikuláš Vymětal, Evangelical pastor focusing on humanitarian activities and work with minorities
moderated by DVTV

What is it like to fight for human rights in a democratic society? The two speakers are united by the journey to invalidate the rule We are all equal, but some are more equal. They will talk about how to promote human rights through legislative, therapeutic, ecclesiastical or scientific means, what are currently the biggest challenges in our society in the field of equality and why some minorities, despite trying their best, do not reach most of the opportunities of the modern world.

Part X – Hear our voices

12:25-12:40Rapid Fire Presentation
Mezinárodní vězeňské společenství (Gabriela Kabátová)
proFem (Jitka Poláková)
Nadace Krása pomoci (Soňa Hušek Morawitzová)
– reKáva (Jana Šrámková)
– SANANIM (Jiří Richter)
– SK Slavia Praha (Michaela Schejbalová)

Flash presentations across all thematic blocks. Speakers will touch on the topics of prison, sexual violence, living a full life for seniors, addictions, food waste and innovative circular techniques, or supporting young sports talent.
13:15End of the program
13:30-14:30Networking & joint lunch