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RICAIP Training: Intelligent Robotic System using Handtracking for Picking Parts in a Bin

March 29, 2023 | 10:00 12:00 UTC+1

The Training/Tutorial will introduce an intelligent and interactive robotic system for picking parts in a bin. The aim is for a robot arm to sort required LEGO parts from the cluttered and unstructured environment as a preparation for the assembly of a full LEGO group/product.  The system offers a hand tracking feature for choosing a Lego group as the product and determines which LEGO parts correspond to the products. Once a specific block is selected, the robot is to find it in the bin using a 3D camera, determine its accurate 3D pose and pick it.  In this training we show the detailed steps starting from teaching a new object using the Cognex 3D PatMaxTool, extracting the point cloud in the area of interest processing it and matching it with the CAD model in order to estimate the pose. The calibration process  is to be discussed  along with the communication protocol between the robot and the system.

The training is led by

Please register by March 24th.

This RICAIP event is solely made for the research teams of RICAIP Partners (CIIRC CTU, CEITEC BUT, ZeMA, DFKI and VSB TUO)


  • Introduction 
  • Hand Tracking: Overview and Concept 
  • Object Detection with 3D PatMaxTool 
  • 3D Pose Estimation 
    • Image Processing with Best-Fit Method. 
    • CAD Point Cloud Matching with ICP Method 
    • Hand Eye Calibration 
    • Coordinate System Transformation  
  • Bin Picking Strategy 
  • Validation of the Concept 
  • Conclusion


Xiaomei Xu, M.Sc. RWTH

Email: xiaomei.xu@zema.de

Research assistant at
ZeMA – Center for Mechatronics and Automation Technology gGmbH, Saarland University, Germany

I have been working as a research assistant at ZeMA in the Robotics group since April 2020. In 2019, I completed master degree under Mechanical Automation Engineering from RWTH Aachen University and worked during my thesis on the iCellFactory project at the WZL Machine Tool Laboratory to focus on the industrial robot path planning and digital twin simulation.  During my studies, I completed various internships, e.g. at the VW Academy Hannover where I supported the set-up and roll-out of the VWN Campus Digitalization and supervised workshops as well as at the Jülich Forschungzentrum in the field of metal stressing and shaping.  My research interests include the application of 3D camera technology in the industrial field to improve the object recognition and 3D pose estimation under bin picking challenge. And then industrial robot combining with AI analyses the product and plans the robot path to assembly the products.