Filip Zítek

Research focus: Robotics, Parallel kinematics, Calibration, Trajectory planning

I started working at Testbed in 2021 as an intern while studying a bachelor’s program at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at CTU. My task was to model the kinematics and dynamics of 5-DoF Delta Robot. This work evolved into my bachelor thesis on trajectory planning, applied to the Delta robot.

Also, I worked on a high-level robot control system and interface, which allows easier use of a robotic workcell and its connection to other systems. As a result, various external applications can be deployed on our workcell and command the workcell simply by importing one Python module.

Currently, I’m finishing my master’s studies. My research and diploma thesis is focused on developing an algorithm for the kinematic calibration of robotic structures with many loops. Nowadays, a laborious process of selecting geometric parameters to be calibrated is done by a human. Using a general methodology for describing kinematic structure can substitute this step, but various types of singularities are introduced to the description. With our developed calibration algorithm, we should be able to calibrate mechanisms with these singularities. Therefore, an automatic procedure for kinematic calibration of robots can be applied to parallel robots as well, resulting in the improvement of robot accuracy while reducing human intervention.

In the future, I want to continue with the mentioned topics and broaden my knowledge in other robotic areas.

What is your personal motivation for a research career?

My motivation comes from curiosity about how robotic systems work. After understanding, there’s a natural desire to test and implement learned knowledge. With the RICAIP infrastructure, experimenting with a real industrial system becomes possible. By implementing my own solutions based on theoretical foundations, it’s feasible to improve existing solutions or develop entirely new ones. I find joy in designing broadly applicable solutions and pushing the boundaries of innovation in robotics technology.

Would you have any piece of good advice for students?

While studying, I often find it helpful to implement the specific topic. By pondering over it, I gain a better understanding of its behaviour, and I’m less likely to forget the information I learned right after an exam.