Multi-site Dimension – Combination of Augmented & Virtual Reality

As another example of connecting remote sites an AR/VR system – Fata Morgana will be presented. The technology is being developed in cooperation with the Pocket Virtuality company, a partner of the National Centre for Industry 4.0. It allows connecting a remote site operated by an operator with Microsoft HoloLens AR headset, and a supervisor site equipped with augmented and virtual reality system. Using the cameras and sensors in HoloLens, the technology combines the captured shots of the real physical environment that – after being digitalized – are projected into the supervisor’s HoloLens.

With built-in memory and computing power, the information is transferred to a server or cloud with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Both operators share the environment scanned by the AR headset, whereas the supervising operator may navigate and command the in-field operator through his/her virtual reality environment.