Open Day in Testbed for Industry 4.0

An event dedicated to the industry and collaboration with innovative companies – in cooperation with the TTOs – to increase the innovation potential of the RICAIP project.

Testbed for Industry 4.0 is an experimental workplace for testing innovative solutions and processes for so-called smart factories. The testbed is the entirely unique concept of a test production line that, thanks to the variability of machines, robots and software tools, including the combination of both expanded and virtual reality, allows the testing of Industry 4.0 processes prior to their introduction into real-world manufacturing. The National Center for Industry 4.0 (NCP4.0) aims primarily at disseminating awareness of Industry 4.0 and developing close cooperation between the academic and industrial spheres and is naturally linked to projects implemented in the testbed.

Participants had the opportunity to see a fully digitized line for flexible production including AR / VR extensions, “Alexa, let’s chat!” Alquist – a conversational robot using artificial intelligence of the Amazon Echo device developed by CTU students within The Alexa Prize 2018, City centre of the future.

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