Open Week # CEITEC10: Cybernetics – Science Fiction and Reality

Prof. Pavel Václavek is a recognized scientist in the field of cyber research. He is the head of the research group Cybernetics and Robotics at CEITEC BUT. It deals with automation, the topic of electric vehicles and their no less interesting future. His research team is successful in obtaining research projects, most of which are related to the automotive industry. One of his currently largest projects is the prestigious RICAIP project, where he is the coordinator for CEITEC BUT.

The RICAIP project deals with highly automated production systems. As part of the project, they are building a completely new research infrastructure, where they want to streamline production with the help of new technologies and highly productive automated systems. The focus here is on advanced robotics and its interaction with humans. In the future, it is possible that some factories will be fully automated. The project also deals with mechanisms that will allow to predict the technical condition of machines and robots. The current scheme of performing maintenance of functional systems on each machine is not only a waste of time, but also money and maintenance itself. Researchers will be able to eliminate the need for these unnecessary controls and instead automate everything.

The age of advanced cybernetics according to prof. Václavek will, for example, influence the urban planning of cities. In the case of electric vehicles, we will need an efficient infrastructure with charging and navigation capabilities to minimize energy consumption. In the cities themselves, it will be necessary for the vehicle to be able to interact with the road and the surrounding area. Artificial intelligence in an automated vehicle should ideally communicate with intersections, traffic lights, roundabouts, and also other vehicles.