Rastislav Čermák

Software developer for Industry 4.0

Research focus: Automation of software processes

Since high school I was interested in mathematics, physics and other branches of science. Even though the all scientific fields are advancing at a rate not seen ever before, there is still much left to uncover and add to understand. There are many institutions, either public or private, where groups of people cooperate on finding out how stuff works and trying to find new applications. This ability to understand new tools and domains of knowledge and to find a way how to make them useful is the reason I chose to be a researcher.

Currently, my main focus is programming, mainly automation of software processes and occasional software support of other projects. This ranges from simple user-friendly applications written to control a single task to complex systems, where multiple independend devices must communicate with each other and cooperate in a controlled and predictable way. These systems often include heterogenous physical devices with different controlling schemes, which poses a challenge when we are working towards making them work in unison.

What is your personal motivation for a research career?

Being a researcher brings many advantages hardly to be found anywhere else. Regularly meeting new people from other research groups, either academic or private, and exchanging news and ideas is very stimulating. Having access to cutting-edge devices and knowledge also helps to deepens one’s understanding of new and emerging technologies.

What do you find the most exciting as a researcher?

In the past few years, artificial intelligence slowly escaped academia and plays a role in many aspects of everyday life, most often in the form of a black-box tool. One of the most prominent challenges of manufacturing and automation is to meaningfully incorporate these new tools, not because they are suddenly very popular, but because they can bring many advantages.