Project Meeting in Brno

The session opened the round table and welcome speeches. Professor Radimir Vrba presented facts about CEITEC, professor Pavel Václavek introduced Cybernetics in Material Science Research Group. CEO of South Moravian Innovation Centre Petr Chládek introduced FABLAB, the first digital workshop in the Czech Republic and also professor Vladimír Mařík (CIIRC CTU) and representatives from DFKI and ZeMA had chance to presented information about their institutions.

After the round table, there was a joint session of the Steering Committee and Executive Board. Dr. Vít Dočkal presented milestones ahead till August 2018 and a Plan of the preparation of both EU and CZ applications. Parallel Sessions were divided into two groups – Scientific and Administration. Scientific Group focused mainly on use cases and demonstrators, concept feasibility tests and data for the Teaming II. Phase application. The Administration Group discussed dissemination activities and Industry 4.0 Showroom theme, there was also a discussion about the dissemination track record for the Teaming II. Phase Application. Both groups also discussed the business plan. Visitors also had a chance to took a guided tour around CEITEC Brno University of Technology facilities.

The RICAIP Steering Committee met in order to access the progress in the Business Plan preparation and check the implementation of their strategical decisions.