SAP Universities Day Workshop, Prague, CZ

The SAP Universities workshop organized by CIIRC in the framework of the SAP University Alliances program, which has been running for over 17 years abroad and providing more than 500 universities with a curriculum, a test environment, and research support in the latest areas such as the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Machine Learning, In-Memory Computing, Artificial Intelligence, digital marketing and Real-Time Enterprise.

On this occasion, CIIRC has launched and launched an educational program SAP University Alliances. With SAP University Alliances resources, faculty help students better connect business and IT concepts to practice and prepare them to be the next generation leaders, designers, developers, data scientists, makers, and entrepreneurs who will drive the digital transformation.

SAP University Alliances is a global program enabling more than 3,200 educational institutions in over 110 countries to integrate the latest SAP technologies into teaching. Its aim is to prepare the next generation with knowledge and skills for the digital future.

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