Václav Kubáček


Research focus: Precise Measurements with Laser Tracker and Machine Perception

My adventure in Prague Testbed began with my bachelor thesis, in which I was involved in developing a robotic cell for additive manufacturing. A pivotal aspect of my work involved integrating a Laser tracker into the cell. I have come across many applications in the robotic cell, from workspace calibration to real time correction of robot paths during 3D printing.

During my further studies, I was delighted to continue working at Testbed on projects on a part-time basis. I’ve continued to focus on practical applications in the field, including advancing machine vision methods.

One of my major projects has been tackling the scan & sand challenge for my diploma thesis. I developed a system allowing a robot to automatically sand or polish unknown convex objects by generating paths from depth images.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked on various projects, constantly seeking new ways to apply technology to real-world problems. My aim has always been to find practical solutions and improvements in manufacturing processes, demonstrating the value of robotics and additive manufacturing in today’s industries.

Who influenced you most in your research?

The most significant influence on my research journey has been my diploma thesis supervisor, who is also my team leader. Working closely together on several projects has provided me a valuable mentorship experience. Our collaborative efforts, ranging from attending conferences to co-authoring papers, have significantly improved my research skills. This mentorship has provided me with a unique perspective on problem-solving and innovation in our field.

What do you find the most exciting as a researcher?

As a researcher, the aspect I find most thrilling is the opportunity to collaborate with customers and industry partners to bring cutting-edge technologies to life. My goal is to tackle real-world challenges head-on, expanding the limits of what we believe is achievable in manufacturing and production, which is deeply rewarding and motivating.