Will robots be able to feel like humans?

Series The 100 Questions and Answers Diary explains the next question. Experts in the new series regularly answer questions from all walks of life. The fourth part of the series deals with the question: Will robots be able to feel in the near future?

Karel Čapek mentioned this possibility a hundred years ago. And with the massive development of humanoid robots, humans that resemble humans, the question is even more pressing. The next part of the 100 Questions and Answers series explains the question: Will robots be able to feel in the near future? It is clear at the moment that not only the vision of Karel Čapek in the play R.U.R, but also all the scenes from the films, where the robots feel the same as humans, are so far miles from reality.

And yet, what a piece of humanity has gone in the field of robot development in the last few years. “Robotics is a very complex multidisciplinary field in which huge sums of money have been invested recently. As a result, a number of robotic industries are on the rise and very interesting results can also be observed in the field of research. Nevertheless, in my opinion, it is not even possible at present to estimate when, or if at all, artificial intelligence will reach such a level that one can talk about self-awareness, gaining identity and experiencing feelings comparable to human ones. It can be said that achieving a degree of intelligence in machines that would cause self-awareness would be a leap in artificial intelligence that is not comparable to any previous success. At the moment, we are not clear about how far we are from this milestone, “Luděk Žalud, a professor of technical cybernetics from the CEITEC research center at the Brno University of Technology, tells Deník.

According to him, the big question is also whether such a machine would be realistically manufacturable with current technologies. For a period of robots that will be able to experience as well as it did in Čapek’s game R.U.R. for example, love, so humanity will still wait.