Autonomous Mobile Robotic Agent Demonstration

Author: Ing. Adam Chromý, Ph.D. (Manager of Autonomous Mobile Robotic Agent Demonstrator, CEITEC BUT)

CEITEC RICAIP hosted the review of the AI4DI project, which is focused on digitizing the industry. The autonomous mobile robotic agent being developed within this project will be able to autonomously deliver material or tools within the factory. During its journey, it will be monitoring the normal process of a factory as well, so the fleet of such robots will be able to reveal some unexpected behaviours or circumstances. When a robot will meet an obstacle, it will determine the type of it and e.g. if it is a box fallen out of stock, it will document it, measures its location and extent and call the security service. Meanwhile, it will alert other robots to avoid this way in order to keep the flow of the production process unaffected. The robot will also tackle the bottleneck of the current robot delivery solution, which usually require quite significant interventions to the production process or a factory hall itself.  One of our main goals are to reach the Plug & Play solution – the only requirement on the robot will be the flat floor. The robot can deal with everything else – like narrow passages, sharp turnings or humans in the area. This robot will be soon visible in the RICAIP digital industry hall when they will be employed when finished.