CEITEC Christmas Workshop, Brno, CZ

Traditional workshop at Brno Observatory and Planetarium – Presentation on the RICAIP Project and discussion.

After quick presentations of this year’s work of all research programs, a lecture by EU-Life Coordinator Marta Agostinho followed, with very lively discussion. Three new key projects were also presented by Karel Říha for the PASSAGE project, Tomáš Šikola for the project Back4Future and Pavel Václavek with the RICAIP project.

Last part of scientific program was devoted to presenting of the work of newly awarded ERC holder Petr Neufebauer and the work of two new research groups at CEITEC MU – Robert Vácha (Interactions of Proteins and Membranes) and Michal Šmída (The Use of Functional Genomics for Personalized Medicine in B Cell Malignancies). After the program, participants could enjoy refresment and the movie about outer space travelling research “Faster than Light”.

Relevant link: https://www.ceitec.eu/ceitec-christmas-workshop-2017/t3297