EGVI – Electric, connected and automated driving for the 2030 customer


Workshop, Mallorca, Spain

As a cornerstone of EU light-house initiative Mobility.E, AutoDrive project gathers experts from the industry and research providers.

The workshop addressed a set of challenging items:

  • a high level event to bring cross transportation requirements and expertise together.
  • Facilitate Vision Zero accident by automated driving, EV as mainstream and All electrical aircraft.
  • goal is to identify European strength and gaps of required technologies for electromobility as mainstream, expected in 2030 and also to facilitate cross domain expertise
  • speakers from inside and outside of several H2020- and ECSEL-projects were asked to stimulate discussions.
  • a creative environment will be built on how to apply and understand European objectives down to relevant technologies.

Presentation about RICAIP given by CEITEC BUT and discussion of possible synergies between automotive and production technologies.

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