Pavel Hradecky

Team Leader

Research focus: Mapping and planning processes

My primary focus is on mapping and planning processes, extending beyond just production. Currently, I am engaged in the research and development of tools for the specification and description of production processes, with the capability to transfer this information across various platforms. Another area of my work involves agent systems for communication, planning, and management of production assets. Within RICAIP, I am part of a project aimed at creating a shared platform to facilitate cooperation and interconnection among Testbed research workplaces. Thanks to the RICAIP project, I have had the opportunity to engage in research, description, and evaluation of production goals. This research was presented at the IFAC 2023 conference and was subsequently published as an article in IFAC-PapersOnline. In research and development, I use the knowledge and experience gained from real implementations within previous professions.

What is your personal motivation for a research career?

My motivation for research is the continued acquisition of new information and its transformation into a meaningful and usable form that can bring benefits. Any research that will then be used to make someone’s life easier, or enriching it without restricting the rights of others, is a great motivation for me.

What do you find the most promising/exciting as a researcher?

In my opinion, the most challenging thing in the R&D environment is to publish and then ensure that the research and development carried out is used in real deployment.

Would you have any piece of good advice for students?

Studying at school is a crucial phase of life, offering an opportunity to acquire new knowledge in a straightforward and enjoyable manner. It is essential for a person to continually enrich themselves with new knowledge throughout their life and then disseminate this knowledge, whether through research and publications or in their professional career. Studying represents an investment in one’s future. While it is possible to acquire knowledge outside of school, this path is often more complex and demanding.

  • Pavel Hradecky, Vojtech Janu, Pavel Burget, Tomas Jochman, Tilman Becker, Description and Evaluation of Production Goals, 22nd IFAC World Congress, 2023