Václav Voltr

Research & Development Engineer

Research focus: Robotic multi-axis 3D printing

I am actively working in the field of robotic multi-axis 3D printing, focusing on a diverse range of materials such as polymers, metals, and composite materials. My primary focus involves refining manufacturing processes through the precise adjustment of critical process parameters. Collaborating with peers, I am taking part in the development of an advanced printing head tailored for depositing composite materials with continuous fiber reinforcement. In this area, my exploration centers on the feasibility of producing geometrically intricate components devoid of auxiliary support structures. This innovative approach surpasses traditional printing methods, as we endeavor to implement real-time positional correction of the robotic system through laser tracking technology. This precision-oriented control mechanism seeks to attain the highest level of accuracy in fabricating intricate parts, thereby advancing the frontiers of additive manufacturing in terms of both geometric intricacy and dimensional precision.

What is your personal motivation for a research career?

My personal motivation for a research career stems from the belief that “nothing is impossible.”

This philosophy continually inspires me to explore new possibilities and solutions in the realm of research. Furthermore, my colleagues serve as a significant source of motivation in my scientific endeavors. Collaboration and the exchange of ideas with other researchers create an environment where I can constantly learn and grow. Mutual support and knowledge-sharing enhance my abilities and bring a new dimension to my research efforts. I have faith in the power of collective effort and the conviction that, through collaborative endeavors, we can achieve extraordinary results and overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.

What do you find the most challenging as a researcher?

For me, the most challenging aspect is probably time pressure.

Time pressure is one of the most important aspects of our research. In research projects, there is often a timeframe within which certain milestones must be reached and results presented. These constraints can be challenging, especially if I encounter unexpected complications or need to conduct additional experiments. I try to maintain a balance between speed of progress and quality of results. Too much haste can lead to superficial analyses and consequent lack of understanding of the problem. At the same time, I am aware that at some stages of the project it is necessary to allocate time efficiently to ensure that the research proceeds as planned.