Workshop on AI in Industrial Practice: Exploring Applications, Security, and Legislation

June 24th, a specialized workshop titled “The Use of AI in Industrial Practice” took place, focusing on the practical applications of AI as well as its security and legislative aspects. The workshop was organized by the Research Center for Manufacturing Technologies (RCMT) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague, in collaboration with the Czech-Moravian Society for Automation (ČMSA). RICAIP was an integral part of this event, contributing through the participation of its speakers as well as by providing the venue along with a practical tour.

The workshop, guided by Ing. Matěj Sulitka, Ph.D., from RCMT FME CTU, was structured into three main sessions, providing a comprehensive insight into the integration of AI in industry. It kicked off with a welcome and introduction by doc. Ing. Petr Kolář, Ph.D., who presented the organizing institutions and highlighted the activities of the RICAIP research center.

The first session, focused on introductory applications of ML/AI, was led by Mgr. Petr Petráček, Ph.D. and Ing. Štěpán Fiala, Ph.D. from RCMT CTU, along with Siemens’ representative Ing. Tomáš Froněk. The second session, regarding AI applications in industrial practice, featured insights from Ing. Matěj Sulitka, Ph.D. and Ing. Petr Koutný. In the final third session, JUDr. Jan Bárta and Ondřej Šabata focused on AI security, legislation, and legal aspects.

After the sessions, participants toured the RICAIP Testbed in Prague. This facility for Industry 4.0 demonstrated practical applications of installed technologies in modern machining and 3D printing.

A heartfelt thank you to all the organizers and partners. The workshop provided valuable insights into the evolving field of AI in industrial practice, bridging the gap between technological advancements and practical implementations.