Tomáš Mikolov

Tomáš Mikolov

Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Neural Networks. Complex Systems.


Previous Experience

Tomáš Mikolov is primarily known to the scientific community and the general public for his dramatic improvements to the function of language recognition and processing applications, such as Google’s machine translator. He did this by creating new neural network models that considerably surpassed previous approaches to language modelling. The improvements that followed in natural language processing were the greatest seen in recent decades. He was named Neuron Award laureate for major scientific discovery in artificial intelligence in computer science at the start of 2019. After successfully completing a doctoral programme at Brno University of Technology eight years ago, he left the Czech Republic to work at Google Brain and, later, Microsoft Research. He comes to CIIRC CTU from Facebook AI Research, where he had been developing intelligent algorithms to achieve the most natural machine/human communication since 2014. 

Current Focus

Tomáš Mikolov is returning to basic research at CIIRC CTU, where he will focus, inter alia, on complex systems that may lead to further dynamic improvements in artificial intelligence. As the leader of a new research group at the RICAIP centre, he will build his own team to seek to develop a system to gradually develop strong artificial intelligence. Just as complex forms of life on Earth developed through natural evolution, complex artificial intelligence should also be created through gradual evolution. At the same time, he sees basic research as a fundamental prerequisite for innovation.