Industry 4.0 @ HEPTech, Slovakia
15-16/03/2018 This event aimed to bring together companies, experts and researchers active in applying Industry 4.0 approach to HEP-related technologies, to discuss and explore the[…]
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RICAIP Project Meeting in Brno, CZ
02/03/2018 The session opened round table and welcome speeches. Professor Radimir Vrba presented facts about CEITEC, professor Pavel Václavek introduced Cybernetics in Material Science Research[…]
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CEITEC Christmas Workshop, Brno, CZ
28/11/2017 Traditional workshop at Brno Observatory and Planetarium – Presentation on the RICAIP Project and discussion. After quick presentations of this year’s work of all[…]
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DFKI, innovation centre
3rd Czech-German Workshop
Human and Robot Cooperation for Industry 4.0, Saarbrücken, Germany 12/10/2017 DFKI hosted Third Czech-German Workshop, this time on Human and Robot Cooperation for Industry 4.0[…]
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